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Lahore is Pakistan’s second-largest city after Karachi. This is the capital of the north-eastern Punjab region. Due to its culture, it is considered the country’s capital. Lahore consists a population of about 8.5 million. Lahore has many glamours and attractions for tourists. The Mughal and Sikh legacy survives in Lahore fort, Badshah mosque, gurdwara, and other historical places. Lahore has many historical places like Badshahi Mosque, Tomb of Rajith Singh, Minar-e-Pakistan, Wazir khan mosque, Grand Jamia mosque, and many more.

Best time to visit Lahore

The duration of months march, October, and November is the warm and sunny time is best to visit Lahore because at that time the temperature is acceptable not too hot and cool anyone can feel easy in these months. If someone likes breezy and rainy weather then must go visit in December, January, and February.


Badshahi mosque is a royal mosque and it was known as the largest mosque in the world from 1673 to 1986. It was constructed in 1671 and1673 by the Mugal emperor Aurangzeb.
The mosque is located near Minar-e-Pakistan. The Badshahi mosque is the best example of Mughal architecture, mostly decorated with curved red sandstones. The mosque has a large courtyard spread over an area of 276,000 square feet which can accommodate up to 100,000 people in it. The Badshahi mosque is one of the religious places. Many people from Pakistan’s cities and outsiders came to visit The Badshahi mosque. The tourists make their photoshoots at the Badshahi mosque.


Grand Jamia Mosque Lahore is another beautiful and large mosque of Pakistan. This mosque is also known as The Bahria Mosque due to its presence in Bahria town. Grand Mosque is the third-largest mosque of Pakistan and the fourteenth largest mosque in the world with a capacity of 70000 worshipers in it. This is the most visited mosque due to its construction designs and decoration. The tourists were amazed due to its structure which consisted of 4 large minarets 65 feet tall and a grand dome surrounded by 20 small domes. For tourists there, it has many interesting points like Islamic art galleries, handmade crafts, museums, displaying Quranic collections, an Islamic library, an Islamic art gallery, etc.


Anarkali bazaar is a major market in Lahore where you can buy everything. Shopping is a must when someone is going on tours so, if you want to make your shopping perfect you just need to visit there. Anarkali Bazaar is separated into two portions the first is Old Anarkali and the second is New Anarkali. The old Anarkali has traditional food while the new one has traditional handcrafts and shopping items like traditional jewelry, embroidered clothes, shoe, bags, etc.


One of the most visited places in Lahore Fort. This is a huge fort. The marble Naulakha pavilion is one of the evocative sights at the fort. When you see the fort’s structure many other spacious places you have to visit there like Naulakha Pavilion
Sheesh Mahal
Picture Wall
Summer places
Ath Dara
Kilowatt khana
Kala Burj
Lal Burj
Maktab khana
Moti Masjid
And many other charming and historical places to visit
The construction of the fort with special mirrors make it more good-looking
tourists like to see the fort. They enjoy it a lot there.


The Tomb of Jahangir is another marvelous and historical place in Lahore to visit. It was built in 1637 for Mugal Emperor Jahangir. The tomb is famous for its interior decorated with stones and marble, and also famous for its exterior structure which is decorated with pietra dura. The architect of this place is really admirable which makes this place more charming and attractive for the visitors. There it has many sitting areas for tourists like gardens, cafes, and some other sitting sights. The garden of this tomb is divided into four squares. The garden is a vast and well-managed area of the tomb.


If you are tired from the whole tour and want some relaxation then you have to visit Shalimar Gardens. This garden is also known as Shalimar Bagh. This is Mugal’s Garden completed in 1642. The water features of this garden make it very glorious everyone like its big pool with fountains. The vibes of this place are very chill and charming. It is a large garden covering an area of 16 hectares.


Masjid Wazir Khan is one of the most peaceful and calm places in Lahore. This mosque was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in 1641. Masjid Wazir Khan is well known for its decoration with beautiful tiles. If you see its structure it has large domes and minarets. 5 domes have 21 feet outer height and 32 feet inner 4 minarets are 107 feet. There are prayer halls in the mosque the main prayer hall consists 130 feet long and 42 feet wide. The interior walls of the halls are decorated with calligraphy both in Arabic and Persian.


Lahore museum is a historical and cultural place in Lahore Pakistan. It is also known as Lahore Wonder House. This is a huge museum and the most visited museum in Pakistan. It has many oldest collections for visitors. The collection also includes musical instruments, ancient jewelry, textiles, pottery, armory, Buddhist art, The fasting buddha, miniature stupa are the most important figures. 

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